Job Interview Questions

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The questions in the table below are some of the most common in job interviews. Review the questions with the reasons for asking and the strategies you should consider.


Question Why do they ask? How should you answer?
Tell me about yourself. ·   To get a summary of your professional and educational experience


·   To begin an interview with an overview

·     Never talk about personal experience.


·     Keep it short.

What is your greatest strength? ·   To give you a chance to impress


·     Choose something that is the greatest need of the company. Something from the job posting is a good choice.
What is your greatest weakness? ·   To see if you can honestly assess your abilities


·   To see how you are developing and learning

·     Choose something you are learning now or have improved.


·     Never choose a soft skill (team work, punctuality, etc.).


·     Never try to trick the interviewer with a weakness that is actually a strength (perfectionist, too involved with my work).

Why should I hire you? ·   To end an interview with a summary


·     Link your experience and abilities to the job requirements.


Why do you want to work for this company? ·   To see if you researched the company


·   To gauge your interest in the company and the job

·     Use your research


·     Say nice things about the company

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?



·   To see if your career path aligns with the job



·   To see if you have a realistic understanding of your industry

·     Be realistic


·     Don’t talk about changing industries or careers

Why did you leave your last job?



·   To check for possible problems with you as an employee ·     Don’t say anything bad about your last company, co-workers, or bosses.



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